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Sethward Cutout with Hands in Pockets
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You’re not going to find a more outrageous style of comedy than what Sethward brings to the screen! He specializes in taking ridiculous character concepts to hilariously deranged places, and committing so hard that the comedy becomes transcendent. “Swede Cinema" meets real-life cartoonery, melding a homemade aesthetic with physical comedy and fearlessly playful creativity. Who knew pratfalls could have such heart? 


Sethward grew up in a small Texas town but now is a staple in the Los Angeles absurdist comedy scene. He is the proud owner of the world record- most rejections on The Gong Show and appearances on America's Got Talent. He's the Andy Kaufman of the reality TV generation. His performances leave spectators questioning what is comedy, what is talent, realizing life is full of so many more fun possibilities outside of the norm.

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