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Who is Sethward?

Absurdist Comedian

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Sethward is a physical comedian who proudly owns the world record for most rejections on NBC's America's Got Talent. His bizarre style of comedy specializes in taking ridiculous ideas to deranged places, but committing so hard it becomes beautiful at the same time. His human animal characters have traveled the world on various national television shows. He was a series irregular on The Gong show collecting the most gongs in history with Will Arnett exalting him as the best reoccurring act. He's also a formidable actor, who has guest starred on The Office, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and various feature films.


Sethward performs live at massive music festivals all over the nation with The Jive Joint or in The Sethward Show. He’s part of a wild “Idiot" group, Wet the Hippo, who clown around LA. Sethward is the creator and host of Show & Tell Screening Spectacular, Hollywood's best pre-released comedy video event every last Friday of the month. He has thousands of videos with millions of views and a gajillion raised eyebrows on social media.

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